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Virgin computers“WELCOME ABOARD” I’m dedicating this site to you and your family for personal wealth creation…

“All over the world, every day of the year, families need a healthy and regular supply of legitimate income… is that true for you?”

“And you need MORE of it every day?”


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Traditionally, Dad or Mum (or both) go out to work to earn that necessary income. However, things are changing rapidly.

Now, there is no real need for either Mum or Dad to actually leave the Banners Whatsitfamily home provided they have a computer and a connection to the Internet.  Money for the family food, for the rent and all other costs can be earned every day, every month and every year via the family computer…  millions of people are waking up to the idea that this item of household furniture  (the computer) is merely a tool to help us survive, indeed flourish,  as our skills develop to metaphorically drag home our daily ‘catch’.


Think for a moment, your computer simply sits there all day and night, waiting for you to press a few buttons to do a prescribed job such as send and receive emails or play games, RIGHT?


Well, it can do FAR MORE than that. It needs to earn its keep by being switched on for longer and more often. Your computer would prefer you worked it hard, rather than let it  sit there looking pretty. My advice is “make it work for you” that’s what it is designed to do – try it! … CLEAR UP your  Empty Wallet Disease


Make Money onlineI’m here to help you, STEP BY STEP!

This website will have done its job if you end up following my guidelines and making money through your computer.

If you can earn a few dollars or pounds, yen or euros, you will be able to scale up your actions and turn it into your job!

The difference, however, is that you will never need to travel to another place of work, never need to report to a boss. You will be able to determine your own timing and you can go on holiday where and when you like. Believe me, all that is really possible and not too difficult to achieve . So, don’t become tied to your job or business!

You can either GO STRAIGHT TO THE SYSTEM or read on…

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parachuteYou do need a little bit of “umph!” to get you started, an open mind is probably your most important asset at this stage.  Please remember that everything is ‘learn-able’, everything you will need to know about your computer is to do with driving it and not rebuilding it… it’s like any machine e.g. your car. You need to be in control of it at all times. The good news is that your computer is much easier to drive than your car,        Far safer too!


I can suggest a couple of ways to earn money through your computer, right away:

1.  You know about e-Bay… well, you can use e-Bay to build up a thriving business, simply by linking Amazon to your e-Bay account and selling everything you choose to sell!  Thousands of people are doing business that way on e-Bay… check it out.

2. Similarly, you can make as much money as you wish by selling other Make Money Online 02people’s products – we call it affiliate marketing! When you sell these products you earn a handsome commission (typically 50-70%) of the sale price and you don’t need to create, maintain, provide the selling infra-structure or after sales service,  that’s the job of the product provider!  Hey, is it sounding good?

There are literally hundreds, even thousands of different ways to make money through your computer, it’s real and you should know that millions of people are currently doing it. Some are very wealthy indeed.

I got started when I retired from my Change Management Consulting career in 2009. I went onto Google and discovered Chris Farrell, an ex-presenter of Radio Heart FM in London.  He started from scratch and within six months he was making $250 a day. By Nine months he made his first $1,000 in a day and within two years he made $million in ONE DAY!!, yes, one day! I still follow Chris because he is a lovely person and considered a friend to many thousands of people including myself.


You actually get to meet the people you follow on-line if you want to (always your choice, remember?).  I believe there is a need to verify the person who introduces you to working on-line and the best way is to read about them before meeting them. Once you have shaken hands and looked into their eyes you should be able to trust them or otherwise.  Anyway, there’s nobody going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.


CONFIDENCELet me introduce you to a little non-secret… everyone making money, conventionally (a job) or on-line through the Internet, earns their money from other people buying products. That’s how the world of money actually works. It is no different on-line or off-line. We all need products to sell and we all need customers to buy the products.

Have you been following the news lately, about Retail sales and how well the retailers have done (or NOT Done) in the high street? Have you noticed how their on-line revenue is going crazy? It’s growing like hell on fire. Here in the UK the companies with on-line assets are flying, However, the ones without a presence on the Internet have fallen well behind. People are now going to the Internet to buy things of an everyday nature. They are getting used to risking their credit cards and receiving excellent service… it works!


The on-line world of commerce simply reflects the off-line situation. There are your Walmarts for off-line and your Amazons for on-line… they are the BIG organisations.


90% of the  businesses in the Western world are SME’s or Small to
Medium sized Enterprises. Similarly, 90% of on-line companies are people like you and me, starting off as a one-man-band or one-woman-band!

We create a website like this one and tell our story. We pass on all the good stuff to people like you who haven’t yet started. In effect this is the introduction to our product presentation to get you thinking about your current and future place in the whole process.

Today you are a customer, tomorrow a seller. To make that change it is not difficult and there are many benefits waiting for you once you have taken the first step.

count your cashRemember, everything is learn-able and most of it is sooo easy, especially now you have someone to hold your hand – That’s ME!!



Here’s your first exercise:

1. Switch on your computer.

2. Find Google and ask yourself “If Google is the top search engine in the world, what kind of information does it like best and where will it display it within the many hundreds of pages?”

ANSWER: Right at the very TOP of PAGE -1

3. Now type in the following words…

Empty Wallet Disease  (then click search)

Google has placed MY ARTICLE at the top of it’s first page!!

You see, Google wants YOU to see  the most interesting and original information on-line to satisfy you as a visitor and as a customer of theirs. They are saying you need to take a good look at the information Harry Wright (ASK Harry) is talking about…

OK, while you are on that page within my website, please take a look at all the other posts and pages… they are mainly about the subject of developing your wealth – enjoy!

Now is the time to start thinking about a small change you could make to your daily routine: Start reading a bit more information about working from home and using your computer every day to make a new income stream, there’s so much to get excited aboutClick-Here GREEN

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Then, come back here for the next stage in the on-line, work from home journey.

Best wishes,

Harry Wright

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